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Apply by Post

Thanks for your interest in joining Merton u3a. We hope soon to welcome you as a member.


We're disappointed that you don't want to use our online application form and frankly, we're surprised, too. It is the simpler, greener and quicker way to join because if you apply online you could be a member in the next ten minutes and eligible to apply for a website login that will give you access to the contact details of the group leaders so that you can join the groups you have chosen.

The alternative is a much slower process. You download an application form and print it out. There are instructions on the form explaining how to pay your subscription via web banking*. You fill in the form by hand and post it to our membership secretary, who has to check that your subscription has been received, transfer the information from your form to our membership system, issue a membership number and post you a letter to welcome you as a member. That can take several days, even if they are available. When the membership secretary, who is a volunteer like all the people who handle our administration, is away, who knows how long you might have to wait?

* If you must, you can send us a cheque, but that means someone has to go to the bank to pay it in!

Using the online route, all of that happens automatically, without delay. Your payment is handled securely by PayPal, one of the leaders in online payment, and provided that you follow our guidance (shown in step 1 of the application process), your payment details will not be stored online once the transaction is complete. 

If you possibly can, we urge you to join us now by applying online.

It you really can't use the online route, we still want you to join, so here's the link to the application form download.

If you can't do any of the above, please call 020 8544 9478 for help.

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