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Thank You for Visiting Merton u3a

A silent revolution is sweeping across developed nations. People are living longer and longer. What is more, the term of active life is also extending.  Typically u3a members are over 55, are no longer in full time employment or having childcare responsibilities and so have some time on their hands.  This is the opportunity to stretch the mind, extend one’s social life and have fun! 

We are one of more than 1,000 local u3a groups throughout the UK with a combined membership in excess of 400,000.  Collectively we are represented by the Third Age Trust.

About us

Merton u3a is a locally run organisation of volunteers providing recreational & social activities and study groups at minimal cost.  There is a mix of activities, interest groups and many events including talks, visits, seminars, coffee mornings, lunches and courses.  Established over 35 years ago, we have over 800 members in and around Merton participating in nearly 100 groups. We set up new groups or activities where there is a demand.  We value and share everyone’s viewpoint, skills and experience and learn from each other. 

Our activities are only open to members, although some groups might run taster sessions for would-be members.  Prospective members are welcome to attend one talk.  No qualifications are required to join.  We don’t issue qualifications; learning is its own reward.

Benefits of Joining

The major advantage is the ability to enjoy new interests and make great friends in a relaxed environment.  In recent research, u3a members reported learning or developing skills, feeling valued, enjoying life more and feeling supported in new communities when they moved house.

Specific benefits mentioned included learning new skills (84%), building confidence (59%), feeling healthier (55%) and becoming engaged with the community (50%).

How much does it cost?

The current annual fee for Merton u3a is £16 or £27 for a couple at the same address. Some groups make a small additional charge, typically £1-£2 per meeting, to cover the cost of venue hire, refreshments and any other expenses. The cost for visits varies.  However many groups meet in member’s houses, so the only extra cost is bringing the biscuits when it is your turn!

How do I keep up to date?

Check the website for the latest information and news about talks, events or other activities. Members receive a monthly email news update and a detailed Newsletter four times a year.  There are also links to events and talks run by London and Surrey Regions which we can attend. You may choose to have the national u3a magazine "Third Age Matters" mailed at no additional cost. 

More questions?

If you have questions that these pages don't answer, please call our membership inquiries secretary on 020 8544 9478

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