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My Membership

Merton u3a keeps its membership and subscription information on Beacon, a website developed by and for u3a organisations in the UK. As a Merton u3a member, you can create a login at Beacon which will allow you to view your record and, when the time comes, renew your subscription on line. Your Beacon login is not the same as your Merton u3a login; you need a separate login for each site.

To get a login at Beacon, where your personal details are already recorded, you will need to prove your identity. You need your membership number, your first name, surname, email address and postcode as they appear in the membership record. You only need to go through this process once; when you have completed it, you will have a user name and password for Beacon which will be all you need in future to access your record.

To check the necessary details, you could refer to the confirmation email you should have received when you joined Merton u3a, or when you last renewed your subscription. Search for emails from and look for the date you joined or renewed. Renewals are due on 1 September each year.

When you have assembled the necessary information, visit Beacon to access your record there.

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