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Reinalt Vaughan-Williams
Jun 13, 2021
In Visits
Heather Dowling organised a visit to Chichester. She offers the following feedback : The Cathedral was quite stunning. A music student playing the organ made it more celestial. Tummies were rumbling and we managed to find a table at the Pallant House Gallery Café although we had to split into two groups to satisfy the Government guidelines. Following lunch, we strolled through town and the Bishops Palace Gardens, finding a quaint ice-cream café where we had a tasty treat. Carrying on past the Roman walls and the path along the River Lavant, we were disappointed at not seeing seals jumping out at us; this was not surprising as the canal was bone dry – surprising after the recent rain. Don’t let people think we were just having fun! We did learn a lot about the Cathedral, how it was built and … who was buried under the floor! If you are interested in taking part in a visit, keep an eye out in the e-mail News Update and the home page of the website. We urgently need people to help us organise visits, if you are interested please contact Jon Sheppard at
Reinalt Vaughan-Williams
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